Horseback riding is a physically demanding sport which helps riders develop their core strength, full body balance, gait and posture. In addition to this, horse riding helps one develop a great sense of discipline, empathy, compassion, self-control, and dedication, all while also helping with improving overall confidence and problem-solving skills. More than anything, horse riding is fun!!

We offer basic horse-riding lessons for children and adults. Our beginner course covers the following:

  1. Leading a horse on a rope
  2. Mounting and dismounting
  3. Stopping and starting a horse
  4. Walking at a pace
  5. Trotting
  6. Cantering
  7. Tacking and untacking a horse
  8. Basic horse grooming
  9. Horse riding safety

We offer Advanced Riding Lessons, as well as Horse Care and Stable Maintenance programs on request.

To know more about the services and training packages that we offer contact the Miracle Equine Center on +919449929024